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To your true north, TOGETHER

We are a small & diverse team of consultants
co-creating refreshing & real-life checked solutions
with an international reach



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Shen Kuo, born in 1031, was a scientist who, amongst other things, invented the concept of True North and the Magnetic Compass. He was also a revolutionary politician who believed that success could only come from team diversity

Since 2015, we apply similar principles in Management Consulting

Let us tell you how... 


Our main asset is our people

Do you know what makes millennium trees? Exceptional soil that has been nurtured through care, patience and dedicated effort.

At Shenkuo, we believe in applying these principles to our people. Our human-scale firm is committed to investing in our consultants' growth. We pride ourselves on creating an exciting learning environment but also one that favours strong relationship-building and where every consultant's voice (from juniors to partners) is valued.

Importantly, we want our team to work hard but also play hard: we love to enjoy fun events together and positively effect our wider communities. 


Healthy consultants lead to a healthy Shenkuo, it's as simple as that.


What we do


Business Accelerator



Product strategy for a global consumer healthcare player

Route-to-market strategy for a beverage player

HK & CN cross border business analysis in consumer goods


CFO Agenda

Cash improvements
Unleash Finance function potential
Transaction advisory

Project examples

Shared service centers setup in the transportation industry

Paperless invoicing process design & deployment in the leasing industry

Post-Merger-Integration in the services industry


Operations Excellence

Production & Maintenance
Supply Chain & Procurement


Streamlining of Service delivery processes for a tech company

Visual management for daily operations in an engineering company

Production & maintenance performance improvement in the aerospace industry


'Refreshing' is in our DNA

How many consultants have you met that truly are a breath of fresh air? That create engaging experiences for their clients while, at the same time, not being afraid to challenge them?

At Shenkuo, we believe that no stone should be left unturned in the pursuit of ever-better solutions for our clients. Of course, we draw on the latest approaches available, but you already know that. What you don't know is that we make it a point to be bespoke, authentic and unconventional in what we deliver. 

We could tell you that the fearless thinking we promote is the fruit of creativity and discipline, and that would be true. But to be honest, at Shenkuo it's simply in our nature to be contrarian. And because of all the angles we scrutinize them from, problems tend to get shy and disappear when we're around.

If you see the rabbit in the opposite picture, we'll help you see the duck!



Where we are based &
where we work


team diversity

We believe that it takes multiple colors to come up with the best paintings!

Optimal problem-solving for our clients occurs when you bring together people with diverse cultures, professional backgrounds and ways of thinking. From that perspective, team members such as the following bring consulting, corporate and entrepreneurial dimensions in our day-to-day client support

Profil examples:

Yann, a former production & maintenance director from the automotive industry
Akbar, a world citizen
Aurélien, an expert in consumer goods in China
Adrian, a pure consultant from Hong Kong with North America experience


Some of our clients since we started Shenkuo

1% for charity

Small streams make big rivers... so we decided when launching Shenkuo that we would donate 1% of our fees to charity.

We are currently sponsoring Enfants du Mekong in the Philippines where we help young adults through their university experience. Beyond financial engagement, we support them through training and assistance finding a job after their graduation.

Our objective is to share a bit of our hard work with those in need.