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Don't be shy!

We are not looking for super heroes but for individuals
not afraid to stand up for their opinions! 







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Recruitment process

We are not looking to trick you, we simply want to assess your skills and capabilities and identify how you could fit into our team... and bring the extra value to it! 

We do consider interviews as a 2-way process and, as such, this will be your chance to get to know us in more details and see if Shenkuo is the right fit for you.

It all starts with an informal chat around coffee (tea drinkers are also accepted) with one of our staff. If we both feel it makes sense to proceed further, then you'll go through the following adventure!

1. Interview with a Manager

Depending on your entry level, you may have the joy to be entertained through a case study, Powerpoint slide design and/or Excel data crunching. This is the step where we make sure that you have the 'Management Consultant 101' skills!

2. Interview with both Managing Partners

Regardless of the office you apply to, both Thomas and Laurent will take you through an interview for an open discussion and a case study. Our pyramid is rather flat, so you will likely have daily interactions with the Managing Partner... hence we want to make sure there a 'fit'

3. Lunch / drink with some consultants

Enjoying an informal chat with your peer(s) to better understand, from the inside, what it is like to be a consultant with us!


Our expectations

Expectations at Shenkuo are high and they will obviously vary depending on position.

We strive to offer our consultants a working environment where they’ll…

  • be exposed to high level executives
  • use your brain on high stake assignments (we’re not much into copy/paste approach)
  • work as part of a multicultural team
  • contribute to the development of the company in an entrepreneurial eco-system
  • deliver projects
    • analysing data & solving problems
    • formulating grass-rooted recommendations
    • designing solutions & projects
    • making it happen in the real-life (if you recommended something, you are likely to be the one implementing it!)
  • develop offers & methodologies and take them to the market.

Let's have a coffee

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Growing with Shenkuo is about developing your personal career thanks to a training program, while having fun with your co-workers and still caring about others by being involved socially through our 1% for Charity actions

Team Building

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